Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

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Well, you’re going to need a least one bottle opener for your Man Cave. You’re going to be drinking beers, right? Of course. Do you want a regular old bottle opener. Or something you can mount on your wall. Hey, it’s a cheap way to add something unique to your basement bar area. Oh, and there’s about a million wall mounted bottle openers that you can choose from. Seriously, there are so many options. For example, you can take a look at the Plink-A-Drink Bottle Opener. Or the Beer Bottle Opener Game. And even the Wall Mounted Mermaid Bottle Opener. And how about the Vintage Ford Mustang Bottle Opener. Otherwise, here are our five wall mounted bottle opener options you can consider for your Man Cave.

Beer O’ Clock Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

beer o' clock wall mounted bottle opener

Effortlessly open bottle caps in front of guests without resorting to using your teeth or other peculiar methods. This one-handed wall mounted beer opener eliminates the hassle of locating a bottle opener and neatly collects the cap in the built-in storage basket at the bottom. Constructed from wood and iron, this lightweight rustic opener is corrosion-resistant, quick-drying, resistant to deformation, and built to last. You can also take a loo at the Bottle Opener with Cap Collector Catcher for your Man Cave. 

Longhorn Steer Skull Cast Iron Bottle Opener

longhorn steer skull cast iron bottle opener

For your consideration is a wall mounted longhorn steer cow or bison head skull beer or soda bottle opener. This cast iron longhorn skull bottle opener mounts on the wall through the three holes, and the jaw of the steer or bison open the top of your favorite bottle of beer or soda! Guests will have a lot of fun looking at and using this western decor bottle opener. Great for Man Cave! You can also take a loo at the Bull Head Bottle Opener for your Man Cave. 

Star Wars Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

wall mounted Star Wars bottle opener

You must not miss this cool Star Wars wall mounted bottle opener. When you need to open the bottle cap in front of the guests , you don’t need to open the cap with your teeth or in other strange ways. You can quickly open any beer with one hand and avoid the trouble of finding the bottle opener. Once the bottle is opened, the cap is neatly collected in the bottom storage basket. You can also take a look at the Stormtrooper Bottle Opener for your Man Cave. Or the Empire Strikes Back Bottle Opener.

Corona Bottle Cap Opener

corona bottle cap opener

This versatile wall mounted bottle opener will be the life of any gathering featuring a cap opener and wire mesh basket for easy clean up. Whether for your home bar, game room, apartment, or garage, this distressed retro bottle opener wall mount will add a unique touch to any space. Made from strong lightweight metal and a high quality craftsmanship, display your favorite adult beverage, and more for years to come with our home décor. You can also take a look at the Modelo Bottle Opener. Or the Drink Like A Fish Bottle Opener.

Funny Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

funny wall mounted bottle opener

No more looking for misplaced openers or spilling when opening a bottle of beer… even when using only one hand. Functional , Practical and Entertaining – with a real solid, awesome wall mounted bottle opener you won’t go wrong. And it’s funny. You can also take a look at the humorous It’s On Motherf#cker Bottle Opener.