Viking Mugs

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In Viking society, drinking was a central part of social and cultural life. And the use of drinking vessels was an important aspect of this. You know, kind of like the modern day society. Still, drinking together was seen as a way to bond and establish trust among people. Again, no different than present day society. However, the Nordic cups used in the Viking’s day were often passed from hand to hand in a gesture of friendship and goodwill. Well, that’s a novel idea. You can drink some beer out of the  Double-Handle Viking Skull Tankard then pass it on to one of your friends. Oh, and you can learn about The Different Types of Drinking Vessels in Viking Culture.

So, here are several cool Viking Mug options you can consider part of your Man Cave glassware collection.

Nordic Viking Warrior Skull Mug

nordic warrior viking skull mug

This unique 17 oz Viking mug is hand-carved and painted. And the inner lining is stainless steel. It’s not only a drinking vessel, but also a good decoration for your Man Cave. As described, because each piece is individually hand painted and polished, color tone may vary slightly from the pictures. You can also take a look at another Viking Warrior Skull Mug.

Norse Wooden Beer Mug

Norse Wooden Beer Mug

This Norse premium wooden beer mug is hand-carved to get an extraordinary Urnes motif. Each tankard is made from planks of mango wood, an extremely durable timber, and comes sealed with food-safe lacquer. It hold 16 ounces of liquid and can be used for many years. We think it’s time that you chose a drinking vessel as interesting as you! You can also take a look at the Wood Viking Renaissance Tankard. Or the one liter Norse Tradesman Wooden Beer Mug. 

Medieval Viking Beer Mug

medieval viking beer mug

This medieval Viking beer mug has a creative design with the Viking Dragon Ship Drakkar Warrior. It’s perfect medieval gift and skull collection. Or just drinking a beer in your Man Cave. The beer mug is 5.2″ tall,6.7″ long and 3.7″ in diameter and holds 18 ounces of liquid beer. It can be used as a unique medieval mug, stylish renaissance beer barrel mug, or a decor mug of gothic norse mythology style. Again, or just drinking a beer in your basement bar. 

Viking Horn Mug

Viking Horn Mug Set

It’s 100% genuine and of premium quality. Handcrafted by experts and so natural it will bring out the real warrior in you. And it will take you to the world of ancient Vikings and the Norse. You will certainly feel the presence of that era. It’s time to create fun and some thrill in your Man Cave. Drink from Viking Horn Mug for eternity and gratify your souls. And a bonus as it comes with a shot glass and an opener. You can also consider a similar version of a Buffalo Horn Viking Mug. 

Viking Beer Tankard

viking beer tankard

Looking for a unique item for the Viking in your life? Look no further than this wooden beer mug, engraved with Viking design. This mug is sure to make you feel like the king of the world. Or at least your Man Cave. And the design is inspired by the Vikings, who were known for their love of beer. This mug is for anyone who loves history or mythology. Or just anyone. Like you. It’s crafted from real hardwood. This mug will give you that old-time feel! You can also consider the Wooden Drakkar Ship Cup.

Nordic Viking Rune Mug

If you’re a fan of Nordic Viking mythology (or even if you’re not), this Lun rune mug will definitely appeal to you. Just like the Nordic Vikings, you too can possess a magical weapon that imbues you with strength and power. Let’s raise a toast to this enduring might! These runes, which were used by the Vikings for communication and writing, have been carefully inscribed on the surface of the mug, giving it a unique and eye-catching appearance. Whether you’re a history buff, a fan of Nordic culture, or just looking for a unique and interesting mug to add to your Man Cave glassware collection, the Nordic Viking Rune Mug may be a great option for you! Otherwise, you can consider the Viking Rune Axe Mug

Norse Viking Beer Stein

Mythology Viking Skull Berserker Warrior Wearing Horned Helmet

Tthis unique viking mug is a true tribute to the mighty warriors of old and the rich history of Norse culture. The first thing you notice about this mug is its unique design. The handle is shaped like a Viking longship, complete with intricate details and beautiful craftsmanship. The body of the mug is adorned with Viking runes and symbols, which add an air of mystique and intrigue to the overall design. You can also consider the Odin and Thor Beer Stein Mug.