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Man Cave Sports

Turn Your Man Cave into a Sports Bar

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Why a Man Cave Sports Bar?

Well, we think there is nothing like enjoying the thrill of victory or agony of defeat in your own home. You can scream at the television without the concern of offending anyone. Except maybe your friends. And you don’t have to worry whether the sports bar will have on the football game of your choice. The one involving your alma mater or favorite team.

You know, when you have to ask the bartender if you can put on the UMass-Buffalo football game that nobody wants to watch. Except for you because you’re a UMass alum. Or you just placed a big bet on them. Yeah, the twenty other folks gathered around wouldn’t rather watch the Alabama-LSU game. We mean, who would? But in your Man Cave sports bar, you can watch any game you desire. Even a football game between two bottom feeders.

Finally, at the end of the day, you’ll save money. How so? Well, consider this off the cuff calculation. Let’s say you spend about $5,000 on turning your Man Cave into a sports bar. But let’s say during the college and NFL football seasons and March Madness, you visit a sports bar at least 20 times. It could be more. It could be less. But let’s stick with twenty visits. Because you like sports. And let’s say on average you spend $50 a visit.

To be honest, with inflation these days, that’s on the conservative side. Anyway, let’s say you spend a $1,000 a year watching sports at the various drinking establishments in your area. So, based on our extremely simple calculation, in five years you’ll recoup what you spent in modifying your Man Cave into a sports bar. Okay, we recognize you’re still going to spend money on beer and food as well as the monthly cable or satellite costs. But you get the point.

Okay, now that we have explained the concept of why you need a sports bar in your home, let’s consider some products to help turn your Man Cave into one.


Just think about it. What is the most common item in any sports bar you ever step foot in? Duh, Homer. Multiple televisions, of course. Televisions are the heart and soul of a sports bar. And they’ll be the heart and soul of your basement bar. But if you’re not sold, take a look at these Home Bars with a Multiple Television Set Up. Pretty impressive, huh? Still, we think if you simply add three televisions to your Man Cave, that will qualify as a sports bar.

Why three televisions? Well, more than three is always better, but it’s hard to focus on more than three games at one time. Especially at our age. For college football, there’s generally at least three games in each time slot worthy of watching. The NFL is a tougher call. We’re satisfied just watching the RedZone all day. But the key is March Madness. Remember, those first two tournament days, there is potentially four games playing simultaneously.

So, you’ll need at least three televisions. And your laptop could serve as a fourth, but most likely one of the games will be a blowout. Oh, and you can save money by subscribing to a sports streaming service.

As for a design, it will require a primary television as the focal point of your basement. Front and center. You know, the largest television in your sports Man Cave that will be showing the Michigan-Ohio State game.

Our motto is “Bigger is better.” And your spouse may agree. But our motto definitely applies when considering televisions. But do you want to blow your budget on a Samsung 98” Television as your primary viewing source. Maybe not. Still, if you want size, you can consider the less expensive TCL 98” Television.

TCL 98 inch television for Man Cave

But if cost is the primary consideration, you’re probably better off with this 85” Sony Television as your primary viewing source. The cost difference between a 98” television and 85” television is substantial. And does 13” really matter? Well, if it does, then consider a 4K Projector for your Man Cave, which can project a 120” picture. Now that’s big. And even reasonably priced as compared to a 98” television. You can even consider a less expensive Portable Projector. Yet, if you’re not sure whether you prefer a television or projector, you can weigh the pros and cons of a TV vs. Projector.

As far as the other televisions for your sports Man Cave, they should be smaller and flank either side of your primary viewing source. The good thing is that even with inflation, smaller-sized television these days remain relatively inexpensive. For example, a solid Sony 55” 4K Television is less than $600. Or even less, such as this VIZIO 55” 4K LED Smart Television.

Sports Bar Seating

Ah, if the Television if the heart of the Man Cave, then seating is the lifeblood. You need it to survive. Or to be able to enjoy watching football on Saturday and Sunday in comfort. And we suspect you’ll be watching sports with your friends. So, we think you’ll need both sufficient and comfortable seating for your sports Man Cave. How much seating? Well, it depends on how many friends you have, or whether you’ll be inviting the entire neighborhood to your football Saturday marathons.

For starters, you can consider the Big Sectional Couch, which should seat 8 normal sized humans fairly comfortably. Or even the Power Reclining Sectional.  It should seat five, possibly six, depending on the size of your friends. It also has LED lights, USB charging ports, cup holders, and a storage console. But if you want something slightly smaller, then consider this Wall Hugger Manual Double Reclining Sofa, which will seat three.

Wall Hugger Manual Double Reclining Sofa

Now the question we have is — do you want to turn your sports Man Cave more in to a miniature Vegas Sportsbook. Such as the Cosmopolitan Sportsbook. Okay, that’s probably not possible, but one thing Vegas sportsbooks have in commen is an abundance of Leather Chairs, particularly those that Recline. Check out the Circa Sportsbook. You can also consider Home Theater Seating. But we think a few Man Den Recliners would definitely add some lifeblood to your sports bar.

Man Den Recliner

It has an adjustable headrest, one-touch control, a cup holder for your drink, padded arm rest with hidden storageand of course, USB port and wireless charging. This is almost a must-have for your basement bar.

In addition, you can consider some sports seating options for your sports Man Cave. You know, actual stadium seats such as these that you can most likely purchase on Ebay.

Stadium Seats

But we ask, are these stadium seats really comfortable? Think about it. Do you really go to a baseball game and look forward to being cramped in to those small seats with no elbow room. It’s no different than standard airplane seats. Okay, we acknowledge that stadium seats will look cool in your sports Man Cave. But again, we don’t necessarily think it would be ideal seating.

Heck, if you want go all unique, then consider these Aluminum Team Bench Seats for your basement bar area. It will provide more seating while conserving space. Otherwise, consider adding a few of these spectator chairs. It has wide comfortable arms with two-recessed cup holders. So, you can go double-fisted if you choose.

man cave spectator sports chairs

Finally, if you’re thinking about that sportsbook feel for your Man Cave, then you’ll need this Tickercom Skybox Game Day Home Sports Ticker.

Tickercom Skybox Game Day Home Sports Ticker

Why? Because it “provides fun, relevant and informative up to date coverage of all major sports with game odds, scores, news, injuries and recaps, including college, American and Canadian football, basketball, baseball, hockey, auto racing, golf.” We think this is a must-have for a sports bar. Or sportsbook. So bring a Vegas attitude to your Man Cave. You can also consider the less expensive LED Ticker for your basement bar area. The pixel screen displays in real time everything about weather, sports, stocks, crypto markets or events to keep you up to date at all times. It comes in several sizes. Take a look.

Sports Decor

This is where you can imprint your personality or fandom in your Man Cave sports bar. If you’re considering adding furniture reflecting your favorite sports team, then consider the NFL Stadium End Table. Or the NFL Tavern Sign.

Otherwise, you can consider just including general sport décor. Such as the Ali-Frazier Fight Poster for one of your Man Cave walls. Even the Secretariat Wall Art, which comes in several sizes. What about Pele and the famed Bicycle Kick for your sports bar.

Listen, we think plastering sports art in your home bar area is probably the simplest and cheapest method of turning your Man Cave into a sports bar. There just are so many options to consider. Such as this vintage black and white canvas of the 1916 Army-Navy game at the legendary Polo Grounds.

vintage black and white canvas of the 1916 Army-Navy game at the legendary Polo Grounds.

Or, how about the famous catch by Willie Mays, not Willie Mays Hays. It’s considered one of the greatest catches in baseball history. Did you know that a physicist calculated that if the temperature had been 1 degree hotter, the ball would have traveled 2 inches farther than it actually did. Hence, the “Catch” may never had occurred. Well, we guess if it was snowing that day too, the “Catch” would never have been made.

famous catch by Willie Mays

And you’ll need a LED wall light to showcase your fandom in your newly minted sports bar/man cave. C’mon, it’s shaped like a football helmet and features the official team colors and logo in an HD digitally printed design. Plug-in cord is 86″ long. And it boasts a fully backlighted faceplate with full 360 degree edge lighting for an immersive glowing experience. There you go. So, get your favorite team. 

LED NFL Wall Light

Or you can consider the NFL Tabletop LED Sign for your Home Bar. Oh, and if your Man Cave has a bathroom, then consider this retro football helmet toilet paper holder. Why not?

retro football helmet toilet paper holder

Finally, you can take a look at other Sports Item for your Man Cave.

Sports Game

Every sports bar seems to have at least one type of sports game. Your Man Cave should be no different. Whether it’s the always entertaining Pop-A-Shot basketball game, Foosball, or Darts, you’ll need to Entertain Your Friends in Your Man Cave. That is, when you’re not engaged in watching sports. That’s a given. If you want to add the wow factor to your Man Cave, how about an Indoor Basketball Hoop. We can imagine you and your friends engaged in some kind of drinking game with it.

And how about a video arcade machine for a basement bar area. In particular, we recommend this iconic Golden Tee Arcade Machine. It’s old school, first released in 1989.

golden tee arcade machine for man cave sports bar in basement or home

Otherwise, we recommend taking a look at the NFL Blitz Legends Arcade Machine. It’s as iconic as the golden tee arcade machine. You could always get both. Your buddies will appreciate it. You can also consider the Arcade1Up Street Fighter II Deluxe Arcade Machine. Finally, you can consider the Arcade1Up NBA Jam Arcade Machine for your Man Cave sports bar. It’s the Shaq edition too.

4-Player NBA Jam Arcade Machine for your Man Cave sports bar for basement or home

Final Thoughts

We don’t think it will take much to turn your Man Cave into a sports bar. Just add a few televisions, sufficient and comfortable seating, sports décor, and some type of game. That’s about it. But you’ll also need some sports bar food. Wings, Buehler? Get an Electric Deep Fryer.  And some Anchor Bar Wings Sauce. Now your sports bar will be complete. Finally, you can always consider Other Themes for your Man Cave.

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