Steampunk Lamp

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What does steampunk mean? Well, steampunk is a design style inspired by Victorian-era industrialism. Science fiction author K.W. Jeter is created the term steampunk in 1987 to describe a style of fantasy fiction that featured Victorian technology, especially technology powered by steam. Why a steampunk table lamp or lights for your Man Cave? Because it’s elegant and simple and will also add a retro feel your basement bar area. You can take a look at the Steampunk Airship Table Lamp. Or you can learn How to Make an Edison Steampunk Lamp

Otherwise, here are our five steampunk lighting options you can consider for your Man Cave.

Electric Guitar Table Lamp

electric guitar table lamp

How about this steampunk table lamp on top of your home bar? Cute and original design, it looks very unique and cool! A lovely way to add light to a dark Man Cave as its both fun and quirky. It has a removable guitar with a case. And the head is adjustable so you point it in any direction. Again, this is a unique handmade  lamp that offers a great balance of steampunk and rustic feel that will add charm and personality to your Man Cave. You can also take a look at a similar Guitar Table Lamp.

Steampunk Lamp with Clock

steampunk lamp with clock

A great lamp for your Man Cave. It’s almost 20 inches in height and 11 inches wide. Bronze color with an industrial retro look, it will never get outdated. Your friends will be impressed. And a bonus, it will provide the time of day whenever your hanging out in your basement bar area. You can also consider a similar Steampunk Lamp with Clock.

Steampunk Wall Light Fixture

steampunk wall light fixture

The industrial wall sconce blend with vintage style, steampunk pattern and antique water pipe will add more personality to your Man Cave. It’s made of quality metal material that ensures the wall sconce is practical and durable. The red valve is decorative, and it’s not the real power switch. And a bonus, it has a clock. You can also consider a Rustic Style Vintage Sconce for your basement bar area.

Steampunk Edison Lamp

steampunk Edison lamp

This steampunk lamp is named after the great inventor Thomas Edison. That should be enough to put it on the home bar in your Man Cave. It’s handmade and the pipe features are made from real steal. You can choose from three wood bases. Also, you can select either two 40 watt tube Edison bulbs or 2 classic 40 watt Marconi filament Edison bulbs. Tough choice. You can also consider the Industrial Steampunk Table Lamp with Edison Globe Bulb for your basement bar area.

Steampunk Pendant Light

steampunk pendant light

This steampunk pendant light will provide a vintage rustic lodge ambience to your Man Cave. Just hang it over your home bar.  You can also consider the Industrial Steampunk Single Pendant Light for your basement bar area.