Shark Stuff

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Ah the Shark. A magnificent and fearsome Ocean predator. The largest is the Whale Shark, which can grow up to sixty feet. The largest of record of the most well known, the Great White, is 20 feet in length, named Deep Blue, not Deep Throat.  Sharks generally live between twenty to thirty years. In comparison, a Saltwater Crocodile can live up to seventy years. Whereas, a Sea Turtle can survive over one-hundred and fifty years. But we digress. Back to shark decor for your Man Cave. We think you need at least one piece of shark-themed decor. You know, just for the intimidation factor. You can take a look at the Big Shark Wall Canvas. And we really like the Unique Decanter of the Ocean predator.

Otherwise, here are our shark options you can consider for your Man Cave.

Shark Sculpture

shark sculpture

The retro style and unique design of this shark sculpture will attract everyone’s attention. It will add luster to your home and create a dreamlike atmosphere. This will be an excellent choice for your Man Cave. You can also consider the Edge Sculpture Shark on a Wave for your basement bar area.

Shark Jaw Statue

shark jaw statue

It’s difficult to find a more dramatic statement piece than the multiple rows of teeth presented in the really fearsome jaw of our formidable bull shark trophy! Perfect as beach or nautical decor for your Man Cave. This impressive sculpture is cast in quality designer resin and set atop a metal museum mount. The basil street gallery marine animal requires no fishing vessel. Yet, it will brighten your Man Cave without a deep ocean current in sight! Need more stuff of this large ocean predator? Then add this Wall Mounted Bottle Opener for your Man Cave.

5 Piece Great White Canvas

5 piece great white wall canvas

Simply put, this 5 piece Great White shark canvas will look awesome in your Man Cave. Everyone who enters will be impressed and surely comment on it. And if you’re not convinced, then consider alternate shark wall items for your basement bar area. Like what? Well, how about this canvas of a Great White Leaping From the Ocean. Or this 3 Piece Fishing Trawler and Great White.

Great White Shark Wall Sculpture

Great White Wall Sculpture

This hanging Great White giant 3D wall art inspires adventure stories and lively conversations These arresting heads are intricately detailed with life-like colors and attach to a wall via a recessed hole in the back. Yes, it will appear as if it’s jumping out from the wall. You can also consider another Great White Trophy Sculpture for your Man Cave.

Shark Rocks Whiskey Glass

swimming tiger sharks rocks whiskey glass

Imaging sipping out of this rocks whiskey old fashioned 11oz glass Tiger Shark as you watch the prime time Saturday night college football game of the week. You know, as you relax in your Man Den Recliner. It’s depicted on two parts of the glass. You can also consider the Hammerhead Rocks Glass as part of your Man Cave glassware collection. Or even these awesome Shark Wine Glasses.

Great White Glass Acrylic Wall Art

great white glass acrylic wall art

The Lawyer Breeching Great White acrylic glass wall art will look amazing in your Man Cave. The acrylic gives it depth and provides easy maintenance. The super durable and hard-to-damage qualities make it the ideal wall art for your basement bar area. We love acrylic glass art so much that we think you should also consider other options. Such as this life-like Plunging Shark for one of your walls. You must also take a look at the Acrylic Glass Shark Realm. It would simply look magnificent in your Man Cave. And if you’re looking for some humor, how about this Pool Playing Ocean Predator.