Wine Barrel Wall Sconce

The wooden barrel wall lamp is half wooden barrel in shape and made of iron bracket+wooden lampshade, which is suitable for indoor use. The lamp shade is 30cm/11.81″ high and 20cm/7.87″ wide (please pay attention to whether the size is appropriate when purchasing). Power supply type: hardwired. Voltage: 110V-120V. The package contains an unmounted pendant lamp and a screw set.

The bucket wall lamp is compatible with all kinds of bulbs. It uses 2 LED spotlights (one on each side) with a power of 3W. Our package includes bulbs. You don’t need to buy them again. You can take them home and install them. This wooden barrel wall lamp can create a pleasant atmosphere, add a classic rural style to you, and is an ideal choice for illuminating indoor areas.

The barrel wall lamp is made of high-quality wood and metal bracket, which is very durable. The surface of the wooden barrel has been specially treated, which can keep the wooden barrel not easy to be corroded and prolong the service life of the wooden barrel. The unique fragrance of wood makes you feel relaxed and happy, and you feel close to nature.

WHY BUY THIS?  Because you need some additional lighting in your Man Cave. And sconces will provide a touch of class. Especially these wood wine barrel wall sconces. As described, it is perfect for bar area or a wine, nautical, beer, whiskey, steampunk theme.” Or, more particularly, a Rustic-Themed Man Cave. So, why not have something unique such as these wood wine barrel wall sconces. It says it can be installed “quickly and easily,” but unless you’re an electrician, we recommend hiring one to install them. Or, you can also consider this hanging antique pending lamp for your Man Cave…

antique pendant lamp