Wireless Video Intercom

Answer and view callers at your door remotely via your mobile iOS or Android device, whether you are at home or abroad. The WiFi IP Doorbell sends a push-notification and directly connects with your smart mobile devices. Advanced Motion Detection can be easily programmed from the App with the ability to define the area of interest, sensitivity, and active time of day/days of week. Easy setup connects to your smart device in minutes.

WHY BUY THIS? Think about this scenario. Fourth quarter. Two minutes to go. It is a tie game, and your buddy texts you that he is at your front door. What do you do? Do you tell him to wait until the game is over, which is understandable? Okay, we recognize you can leave the door unlocked and text him to come in, but maybe you didn’t expect him. And anyway, this wireless video intercom system is way cooler. Also, your spouse will appreciate you keeping the front door locked in the middle of the day because you never know, the mailman could be a cat burglar. You can also take a look at the eufy Security Camera. Here is another wireless video intercom system to consider…

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