Wi Fi Password Sign

We use high-quality products in every production step. We check every package just before the shipment one by one! 

Our products are made of acrylic which is a durable and sturdy plastic. So, it is not easily broken or scratched. Since it is printed with the UV print method, the writings do not peel off and do not fade. 

Fill all customization sections to create your unique gift. The clear acrylic material allows you to easily see your personalized design clearly and it is so elegant.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you’ll have friends in your Man Cave. And they’ll need access to your free internet. Well, free to them. Not you. So, this wi fi internet password sign will allow them to access your network without your assistance. Oh, and you’ll need a solid internet connection in your basement. Why? Because you’ll be working in your Man Cave during March Madness, the Open, etc. It’s called multi-tasking. And you don’t want to miss any important emails. You can personalize this wi fi internet password sign too. But don’t put “Joe’s Man Cave” on it. That’s lame. Everybody knows it’s your Man Cave. Rather, put something creative on it. Like a classic quote from a Movie. You know, such as “Using the whole fist, Doc?”

You can also take a look at a Wi-Fi Extender for your Man Cave. And a Router for your basement too. Otherwise, if you’re the type of person that changes your password every other day, then you can consider this wi fi sign with a chalkboard.

wifi sign with chalkboard