Whiskey Wine Liquor Cabinet

Wine/Whiskey rack made from reclaimed wine barrels. Top shelf stave is the original bung hole that some of California’s best reds were poured from. It can be used as a whiskey rack, as it holds a variety of bottles! The bow of the staves allows for larger bottles, approx 14″ in height for each shelf. Note: wine glass holder optional. Great conversation piece for any room! This is a unique 12-14 wine Whiskey bottle wine rack. ¬†Beautiful rustic wine rack piece to add to your wall.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this Whiskey Wine barrel liquor bar cabinet is a unique wall-mounted liquor bar. It’s made from reclaimed wine barrels that should surely be in your man Cave. It holds plenty of bottles of your favorite spirit. And the Whiskey Wine barrel liquor bar cabinet is custom made. It will make a “Great conversation piece for any room!” You know, in case you need something to discuss when the conversation goes quiet. As explained, the “Sides are staves from the Napa wine barrel, and barn wood shelfs to hold your wine. Front grill is made from California wine stave’s, attached to the original galvanized barrel rings. Beautiful rustic wine rack piece to add to your wall.”

You can also take a look at several options to Store Your Liquor or Display Your Liquor. Including the Wooden Wine Bottle Holder. Oh, and you can add this Stave Reclaimed Barrel Bourbon Sign.

reclaimed bourbon barrel stave sign