Whiskey Glass Cigar Rest

Godinger double old fashioned whiskey glass tumbler and cigar rest in one.

Patented round shape makes it easy and comfortable to sip or hold your drink and cigar at the same time.

Perfect gift for cigar and whiskey lovers.

WHY BUY THIS? Because who doesn’t want to smoke a cigar and drink bourbon in your Man Cave. Which you can do with this Whiskey glass with an indented cigar rest. Well, maybe your spouse who doesn’t want the house to smell like cigar smoke. Okay, that’s understandable. It’s hard to get the smell of cigar smoke out of your house. Your better off smoking a cigar in your backyard. Your neighbors would appreciate a whiff of th cigar smoke. Still, this whiskey glass with an indent cigar rest is the best combination since peanut butter and jelly.

And don’t you always struggle to figure out where to put your cigar when you’re not puffing on it. Problem solved. You’ll also need the Leather Cigar Case and Torch Cigar Lighter. Oh, and if you really are a cigar afficianado, then you have to take a look at the Casa Cuba Ceramic Cigar Ashtray. It’s a conversation piece that will last much longer than the length of the cigar you will smoke. And even if you don’t enjoy cigars, it would would look nice in your Man Cave. Take a look. It’s available in Red and Green too. Otherwise, you can also get this invention that holds both your whiskey and cigar for your Man Cave.

cigar and glass holder