Whiskey and Bad Decisions Sign

12″ x 8″ metal sign. Made of .036 aluminum with rounded corners and can be used both indoors and outdoors, and never rusts.

Artificial patina, rust and scratches give it a perfect retro feel, and will look great in any Man Cave. 

WHY BUY THIS? Because, well, you have a tendency to make bad decisions when drinking whiskey. Moreso, then just drinking beer. But we figure those bad decisions were more prevalent in your younger days when your brain still hadn’t fully developed the part of the brain that focuses on decision making skills. You know, like the spur of the moment decision to venture into Tijuana in the middle of the night after consuming half a bottle of whiskey. So, you should probably take a look at some Whiskey and Bad Decisions Apparel in addition to the sign. You can also take a look at Whiskey Bourbon Barrel Coasters. Or, you consider this Whiskey and Bad Decisions throw pillow along with the sign…

Whiskey and Bad Decisions Throw Pillow