We Want Beer Photo

Prohibition We Want Beer Vintage Photo – 8×10 Wall Art Decor for Home, Bar, Cafe, Dorm – Unique Funny Gift for Men – Unframed Picture Poster.

WHY BUY THIS? Because there are a lot of things in life worthy of protesting. But who would’ve ever thought beer would be something to protest, as depicted in this photo. Well, we guess if there is a law that prohibits the sale of the Jersey Mike’s stickball sub (#11 by the way), we would protest too, in addition to beer. Did you know that some states maintained the prohibition of liquor even after the 18th Amendment was repealed. In fact, Mississippi was the last state to repeal its statewide prohibition law. Just a fun fact for those dog-days of Summer. Or, in case you make it to Jeopardy and that question pops up.

And if you want to turn your Man Cave in to a Speakeasy, then you must take a look at the Secret Bookcase Door.  Oh, and here is another We want Beer Photo that should be plastered somewhere in your Man Cave. Or, you can also consider this The Night Prohibition Ended canvas for one of your Man Cave walls. We’re sure it was  a happy day for many folks…

Night Prohibition Ended Canvas