Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser

The design of liquor dispenser looks stylish, also it is regarded as a beautiful shelf for displaying bottles. There is a spring-loaded receptacle that holds up to 1 liter of various sizes of bottles. Leak-proof dispenser pouring exactly 1.5 ounces makes it simple measure and mix drinks preventing from wastage and spillages.

Diverse alcohol dispenser bottles shots give the ideal measure each time, neat and elegant way to dispense. This liquor dispenser is a great tool for holidays, parties, bars and home bars. Enjoy your wine leisure time.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this wall mounted liquor bottle dispenser can hold four of your favorite spirits at the same time. Thus, making it easy for you to mix different types of beverages at the simple twist of a valve. You’ll feel like a serious bartender in your Man Cave. And your friends will be impressed. This wall mounted liquor dispenser can be placed on the wall easily, and it is quite convenient to use. Just twist of a valve to distribute different types of liquor easily, and then keep the table tidy and orderly. It’s stylish too. And inexpensive.

You can also take a look at the Fire Extinguisher Dispenser  for your basement bar area. Otherwise, you can consider this version of a liquor bottle dispenser for one of your Man Cave walls.

wall mounted liquor bottle dispenser