Folding Table

Folding table made of ash wood, selected solid wood, clear and delicate wood grain, rich luster. Hardwood, solid, odorless, sturdy and durable, thickness up to about 18mm, not deformed, waterproof, anti-scalding, anti-scratch, easy to clean.

Space-saving wall-mounted folding table: can provide you with an additional working or dining area, wall-mounted folding table is suitable for small spaces and can be installed in your kitchen, living room, cafe, study, bedroom, office and any other scenario. 

Multifunctional folding table: half-folded state, becomes a small office table, fully expanded can become a dining table, easy to enjoy 4-6 people, gathering mode, bar frame feet solid ash wood, strong and durable.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this wall mounted folding table is, uh, ingenious, and can be used as a bar table for your Man Cave. In addition to a Home Bar. And we like how it makes efficient use of space. Like, when not in use, just keep it in its fully folded state. It has storage too. And it can be used half-folded as workspace in your basement haven during March Madness. Or fully-folded, which will allow you to seat you and five friends. As long as you have five friends.

You can also take a look at the Wall Mounted Bar. Or the Minimalist Mounted Fold Down Table. And even the Multi-Functional Convertible Table. Or the Small Floating Desk and Small Folding Table. And how about the Modern Extendable Dining Table. It can accommodate up to 8 guests. Otherwise, you can consider this smaller version of a wall mounted folding bar table for your Man Cave.

fold out wall table