Display Case

Made of solid wood with Anti-fade matte black finish, Display Case is durable enough for a long-lasting working life. Shatter proof, 92% transparency and 98% UV protection acrylic glass panel along with one gold plated anti-theft lock can well protect your cherished shot glass collections. Wall mountable, with upgrade two metal brackets on back, ready for hanging.

WHY BUY THIS? This wall mounted glass display case is designed for shot glasses but it can be reconfigured to hold beer cans, so you can start a new hobby. Drinking beer and keeping the cans. Oh wait, you may already have started the drinking beer portion of that hobby. But do you really want to display a Michelob Ultra can in this wall mounted glass case. Rather you need to expand your drinking horizons. Take a look at this Archeologist Beer Can Collection. We know, you are now thinking, “Hey, I should’ve been an archeology major in college.” Nah, it’s much easier to just go to a store that carries a large variety of beers.

You can also take a look at the Jersey Display. Or  the Trading Card Mount if baseball card collecting is a hobby. Otherwise, the Growler Beer Cap Holder if collecting beer caps is a hobby. Otherwise, you can consider this case for showing off jerseys…

jersey case