Wall Mounted Basketball Bottle Opener

Durable and steady zinc alloy. Creative basketball outward for your craft project.

Taking bottle caps off effortlessly in leverage. Come with screw, installing easily on various kind of wall or board.

No more breaking bottle or spilling beer! New opening angle designed make an appropriate slope between the wall and the bottle.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you’ll need a bottle opener for your Man Cave and a wall mounted version is preferable to a hand held can opener. Still, even if you have twist-off bottles, you and your buddies can have a contest to see who can be the first one to sink a bottle cap into the net. You know, from the comforts of your recliner. We have a feeling that as the day progresses, and more beers are consumed, that it may be a tougher task. But it’s still worth the effort.


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