Wall Hanging Tie Died Steer Skull

Featuring a beautifully hand painted, colorful tie dye finish, this skull is an amazing sculpture with an artisan feel you’ll be proud to hang. This 12 inch long, 13 inch wide, 4 inch deep (33 X 33 X 10 cm) skull is expertly cast in resin, and is purposefully distressed giving it an aged look. It’s 100% animal friendly, and is a wonderful gift any skull lover is sure to admire!

WHEN BUY THIS? Because you can have something unique and colorful hanging from your Man Cave wall. What is it, you ask? Who cares. It’s just looks cool. Actually, it’s a tie-died steer skull. You’ve seen tie-died shirts. Well, this is the same thing, except it’s an animal skull. Much cooler.


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