Walkie Talkie

Lightweight body ergonomically designed to fit easily into our kid’s hands. Smooth feeling without corners and the weigh of each walkie talkie is 101g, which is very convenient to take along their toys when our kids are outdoor without any burden.

Easy to Use : DASTION-99 walkie talkies for kids have an uncomplicated push-to-talk button makes our toys easy to use for ages 3 and up. VOX function allows our kids to use their toys hands-free, which great for smaller kids that don’t yet understand the concept of hold the ‘talk’ button down when they speak.

WHY BUY THIS? Because these 2 way radio Walkie Talkies for kids are old, old school. Especially if you are a baby boomer or even an older Gen X’er. Yes, you had Walkie Talkies. Or open soup cans connected by a long string. Seriously, we went from Walkie Talkies to the iPhone in a mere forty years. But we think your kids should experience the Walkie Talkie mode of communication, as well as the soup can mode of communication. With Walkie Talkies, you just touch a button and talk. Okay, we guess you can technically do that on an iPhone too. It’s called speed dial. Still your kids could be cruising around the neighborhood on their Big Wheel; or there Schwinn Krate Bike….Sorry, we got stuck in the 80’s. Anyway, we are sure your kids and their friends would have fun with Walkie Talkies playing in the neighborhood or the woods. Again, it is old school and they should be subject to the same activities you endured as a kid.

And while you are at it, buy them the Classic Mattel Football 2. It has passing. Oh, and you and your Wolfpack friends could buy these 2 way radio Long Range Walkie Talkies, because it is way cooler than just texting each other. Instead, you can talk to each other in CB radio lingo, such as “Breaker 1-9. This is Krusty the Clown. I see a Full-Grown Bear on Route 66. What’s your 10-4?” You can also take a look at ways to Entertain Your Kids While You Watch Football in Your Man Cave. . Otherwise, if you’re looking to entertain your kids, then consider this toy rocket launcher. It should keep them entertained for at least half a football game.

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