Vintage Car Whiskey Decanter

Our whiskey decanter with stopper comes with 2 shot glasses (3.3 fl oz) and antique wooden car base with glass holders

Universal alcohol carafe is the perfect glass decanter for alcohol, scotch, brandy, bourbon, rum, gin, liqueur, wine, juice, or any of your favorite beverages. Perfect bar accessories and man cave decor.

WHY BUY THIS? Because it’s a cool looking whiskey decanter. We mean, you don’t even need to use it as a decanter. Just stick it somewhere in your Man Cave, maybe on top of your home bar.  Seriously, you can use the Vintage Car Whiskey Decanter Set merely to hold your favorite bottle of bourbon or whiskey. Your can also take a look at the Whiskey Decanter with Ship. Or, instead of the Vintage Car Whiskey Decanter Set, you can consider this similarly exquisite looking Model T Whiskey Decanter Set or simply get both as well as this Decanter and become a collector of vintage automobile decanters…

Model T Decanter