Portable Movie Projector

ALVAR movie projector features fully automatic adjustment for AI intelligent cinematic entertainment. Auto focus and auto keystone correction obtain the consistently sharp rectangular image. Meanwhile, intelligent obstacle avoidance and screen alignment allow proyector to automatically adjust its display to avoid obstacles like paintings, plants, or other objects, and to seamlessly align the projected image with screen.

WHY BUY THIS? Because with this portable mini movie projector, you can project the prime-time football game up to 120” in your Man Cave. You can simply project it onto one of your walls. Or preferable, onto a Projector Screen. It’s portable so it can be used outside. You know, for those neighborhood movie outings where you can display your social skills while mingling with your neighbors. Or, you can hang in your Man Cave and just watch football. Which may be preferable if you’re an introvert.

You can also take a look at the Nebula Projector or the XGIMO Projector. Or, you can consider this portable mini movie projector.

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