Viking Horn Mug

Each drinking horn mug can hold 16 Oz liquid depending on the horn size. The mugs are made of real horns therefore each mug has its own natural colour and no two mugs are alike! This means each one boasts its own unique color variation, size, and handle design for a true one-of-a-kind drink experience.

WHY BUY THIS? Because if you have a Man Cave, you need to be drinking a brew out of this beauty, which is “sourced from real oxen.” We mean, you’re the King of your man Cave and you can’t be drinking beer out of a plastic cup. That’s for your friends. And it comes with a shot glass and a bottle opener. Oh, and this would make a perfect gift that your spouse can get you for your birthday. It’s better than a tie, and probably cheaper. You can also take a look at the Viking Beer Drinking Tankard Mug. Or, you can consider the Big Gulp of Viking Drinking Horn Mugs with this 44 oz beauty (it also comes in a 30 oz version)…

Viking Horn Mug 44 oz