Vegas Sign

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign. Retro and old light signs, creative and individual, with a wide range of applications. 

Neon Signs Light. Install two AA batteries, the light on the light plate can be turned on, suitable for night use. 

Neon Signs. High-quality metal, high-temperature baking varnish, practical and durable.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this welcome to fabulous Las Vegas neon sign is iconic and belongs somewhere in your Man Cave. It’s Vegas, baby. If you haven’t visited it at least once in your life, then add it to your bucket list. Bring your family. There’s even plenty to do for them. Go to a Golden Knights game. Or a Raiders game. You can even visit the Hoover Dam. Or the Grand Canyon. The west entrance is about 130 miles from Vegas, baby. But back to the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. It’s a tourist attraction. Built and installed in 1959, it’s twenty-five feet high.

But you probably wouldn’t make a trip just to see it in person. You’d rather hang this Vegas sign in your Man Cave. Just to view it. And if you’re going to Vegas, baby, then you may want to consider an annual trip with your friends. It’s Sin City. You can gamble a bit, bet on sports, play golf, and then gamble some more. Then maybe get a massage. Because you’ll be sore from playing golf and gambling. And speaking of golf, we recommend Paiute. The 15th hole on the Wolf Course features an Island Green. With the potential wind, good luck landing it on the dance floor.

And if you want to make your Man Cave more Vegas-like, then you can take a look at the Craps Table. And you’ll definitely need the Man Cave Sports Ticker. Why? Well, to create that sports book feel. Or you can consider a Vegas Neon Sign. Oh, and even a colorful Leroy Neiman Print of folks in a casino at a craps table. Otherwise, how about this version of a neon Vegas Sign your Man Cave. It will convince your friends that you need to make an annual foray to Vegas. You can check out some Vegas Items you’ll need, which includes a Golf Travel Bag.

welcome to sin city neon sign