Tremors Movie Collection

Prepare yourself for a terrifying onslaught of monstrous man-eating Graboids, flying Ass-Blasters, and heat-seeking Shriekers in this complete collection of all seven movies in the Tremors franchise.

Throughout the years and many international locations, the Graboids have evolved and become even more menacing and deadly. Only the gonzo survivalist Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) can stop them all. This cult classic horror-comedy collection is packed with eye-popping special effects and tense action sequences!

WHY BUY THIS? Because you need this for your Man Cave when you’re burnt out watching sports. You know, and want to engage in a movie marathon. Yes, they made seven Tremors movies, and all are part of the collection. And yes, Alex P. Keaton’s Dad is in every single one. The first Tremors that kicks off this collection of movies is a classic with Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward fighting man-eating underground gigantic worms. Imagine pitching that one to the movie execs? Hey, we have to give credit to whoever greenlighted it, because it worked out. Heck, they made six more of them, which are all part of this Tremors movie collection. We still think the first Tremors is one of Kevin Bacon’s best roles. Well, this, and Animal House. Yes, he’s Chip Diller for all you folks under forty. Look it up. And maybe it’s Fred Ward’s best role too.

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tremors movie poster