Traffic Light Wall Lamp

The traffic light lamp controlled by remote control is more convenient and intelligent; the lighting effect is divided into four types, red, yellow, green, red-yellow-green. Size: 470*140(mm) / 18.5×5.5(inch). Batteries are not included. The battery model for the remote control is 23A.

The lampshade of the traffic signal light is made of frosted glass material, which has an elegant and high-end sense when it is not on. When the light is on, it highlights the mysterious retro industrial style, which is very creative.

WHY BUY THIS? We know. You’re thinking, I probably spent half my life looking at traffic lights, why would I put a wall lamp such as this for decor in my Man Cave. Well, because it’s a pretty cool looking décor that will add some color to your Man Cave, that’s why. And it’s remote controlled. You know, so you don’t have to move from your Zero Gravity Leather Recliner to turn on the decor that is the traffic light wall lamp. Oh, and you can teach your kids how to obey traffic signals all from the comforts of your Man Cave. While you watch football. You can also get it as a Wall Sconce. You can also take a look at the Jellyfish Aquarium Lava Lamp to use as a wall lamp. Or, you can consider this 3-piece canvas print of a red and green light among a city street for your Man Cave…

Red Light among a city street