Torch Cigar Lighter

This Cigar Torch Lighter Consist of 3 Burners, Which Produce Strong and Powerful Turbo Jet Torch Flame. It can Light Your Wide Circular Cigars Quickly and Evenly. 2 Pack Cigar Lighters comes with a Gift Box.

WHY BUY THIS? This is a must for your golf bag. Do you smoke cigars when you play golf? If not, cigar smoking is required when you play golf in Vegas. It is a pain in the a$$ to light a cigar with matches. Especially if it is windy as heck out, which usually seems to be the case. If you play any of the Puite Golf Courses in Vegas, it will be necessary to have a powerful lighter. This one in particular “Consist of 3 burners, Which Produce Strong and Powerful Turbo Jet torch flame.” But be careful, you do not want to singe your forest of noise hairs. That can happen.


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