Tiki Bar Sign

Double-Sided Sign, Both Sides Being A Mirror Image Of Each Other And Reading “Come To The Tiki Bar”

Features A Distressed and Vintage Inspired Design That Gives This Sign A Vintage Feel – Perfect For Off The Wall Display In The Home, Bar, Game Room, or Man Cave.

WHY BUY THIS? Because “Tiki, Tiki, Tiki…,” wait that’s “Toga, Toga, Toga…”. Sorry about that. We like Tiki Bars, and if you’re not going to put one in your Man Cave, then a sign is the next best thing. And this is a pretty cool Tiki bar sign for your Man Cave. So, enjoy sipping a Mai Thai next to0 or underneath it.

And you can consider other Tiki Decor if you want to go full Tiki. For example, you can add the Tiki End Table to your Man Cave. And we think you’ll need the Chewbacca Tiki Mug.  Or the Rustic Tiki Sign for your Man Cave. It’s handmade on a wooden plank shaped like a surf board. Take a look. We think you won’t be disappointed. Otherwise, you can consider this neon Tiki Lounge Signage.

tiki lounge