The Holy Grail

Holy Cup Size: 12 x 17 x 7 cm / 4.7 x 6.7 x 2.7 inch.

Our Indiana Jones Cup is made of durable resin, durable prop for halloween party or collection.

This Indiana Jones Holy Grail replica is handcrafted with stunning attention to details.

WHY BUY THIS?  Have you seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Well, we’ve seen it about 47 times, which in our opinion, is the best of the four Indiana Jones movies. In case you need a “refresher course” (uh, Fletch) or if you were born after 1985, Indiana, or Junior as he called by his Dad, is in search of his father, who disappeared while looking for the Holy Grail, which is supposed to give eternal life to those who sip from it. In the movie, though, it only offers immortality for those who do not leave the temple where its located. Hey, imagine if you had the opportunity for immortality as long as you never left your Man Cave. We think you need two Holy Grail’s for your Man Cave. Just in case one breaks. Or, you can include this Indiana Jones Pint Glass as part of your Man Cave barware…

Indiana Jones Pint Glass


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