Telephone Booth Storage Unit

Storage shelf features a matte red finish with a black and gold-painted text plate.

Classic home decor piece features a realistic London telephone booth shelf with a 3-tier cabinet to hold small essentials or decor items.

 Item measures 11″L x 9″W x 30″H and weighs 26.3 lbs.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this telephone booth storage unit can be used for storage. Like maybe to store barware and small liquor bottles, which you’ll need. And of course, it’ll be a conversation starter for your Man Cave. You’ll be able to explain to anyone under thirty-five the history of a phone booth. Why? Because it’s quite possible they’ve never seen one before. Supposedly only four of these dinosaurs remain in New York City. And just in case you need a refresher course or if they were before your time, this is a typical one…

Telephone Booth

You can also consider other options for Liquor Storage. That is, if this telephone booth storage unit won’t fit one of the 5 Themes to Consider for Your Man Cave. But if you want that British flair, you can always put this canvass of a Red Phone Booth and Big Ben on one of your walls…

London photo of telephone booth and Big Ben