Talladega Nights Tin Sign

Metal tin sign that measures approximately 8 inch x 12 inch. Each sign has small holes make it easy to hang. Perfect gift to give for almost any occasion. Suitable for game rooms, man caves, cafes, dormitories, families, billiards rooms, hotels, clubs and other places to create a simple and stylish atmosphere.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this Talladega Nights movie tin sign will remind you that you’ve laughed you’re a$$ off while you watched this movie at least five times so far during your lifetime. Maybe more. Shake and Bake, baby. And if you want a Movie Motif in your Man Cave, this Talladega Nights movie Tin Sign is perfect. It has the classic famous words of wisdom – “If you ain’t first, you’re last” — which were given to Ricky Bobby by his father. But you already knew that. And in case you missed it, here it is….

Oh, and you can always get this If You Ain’t First You’re Last Flag for your Man Cave. And in addition of the tin sign, you can consider this Ricky Bobby baseball cap to wear in your basement bar. Or to your kid’s little league game.

Ricky bobby baseball cap