Tabletop Globe Liquor Cabinet

With unique earth shape and vintage style, our globe wine bar stand makes a unique addition to your home. The retro old world map surface is crafted of nautical chart, which combines both fashion and beauty. Thus, globe wine cabinet is an ideal choice for various occasions like living room, dining room, etc.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this item will serve two purposes. First, as a small wine cabinet that can store a few of wines and be placed on the countertop of your Home Bar. But more importantly, it can be educational. You know, in case your kids inquired as to where is Turkmenistan, and you can show them on an actual globe rather than have them undertake an internet search. For the record, Turkmenistan is located in central Asia. So, study up on your geography to impress your kids. We’re certain this will make a unique addition to your Man Cave.


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