Steampunk Table

Sized at 14.”L x 14″W x 21″H, this side table seamlessly integrates into living rooms, studies, or offices. It elevates the space with refined craftsmanship, adding the charm of steampunk and an artistic ambiance. 

WHY BUY THIS? Because the innovative design of this Steampunk Gorilla side table will become a unique conversation piece for your Man Cave. The sitting Gorilla holds up an end table with both hands, which adds an industrial and artistic element to this distinctive piece. This Gorilla side table is adorned with meticulous details on the metal mechanical parts, showcasing the intricacy of steampunk aesthetics. The careful attention to these details enhances the overall appeal of this mechanical marvel. Crafted from robust resin material, this side table is sturdy, which will ensure longevity, making it a resilient addition to your basement bar area. 

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steampunk angry gorilla statue fighting King Kong hand painted sculpture