Steampunk Liquor Dispenser

This man cave decor totally handmade and have a soul. Modeled after the standing man, this unique steampunk decor is the perfect alcohol gifts. Measures 13.78″ tall and will accept most types of bottles up to 1 liter.

WHY BUY THIS?  Because you want something cool to pour your Whiskey from, and this Steampunk liquor bottle dispenser appears to do just that. If you plan to drink some Whiskey while you and your buds watch some football in your Man Cave, then hook up your favorite bottle and enjoy it throughout the day. It surely will impress your friends. Well, maybe not, but it beats pouring liquor straight from the bottle.

You can also take a look at the Tank Dispenser. Oh, and here is another Steampunk liquor bottle dispenser as a firefighter for your prized Whiskey to consider for your Man Cave. Not only can you pour you a glass of whiskey smoothly, it is also a unique tabletop decoration.

steampunk firefighter liquor dispenser