Spinning Whiskey Glass

This old fashioned cocktail glass set is hand-made with high-quality lead-free crystal glass, non-toxic and odorless. Perfect for serving scotch, whiskey or mixed drinks. The wall of the cup is a novel non-slip concave texture pattern easy to hold, The round and smooth cup mouth design ensures your lips are comfortable to touch. Durable and dishwasher safe for a quick, easy cleanup.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this is a spinning whiskey glass that you can use to drink your fine bourbon, scotch, vodka, or rum. And the spinning whiskey glass has a semi-round ball at the bottom to keep the glass rotating. A rotating glass? What will they think of next. Maybe a glass that levitates. Kind of like the NFL Rotating and Levitating Hover Helmet. And don’t spin this spinning whiskey glass too long. You may get dizzy looking at them.

You can take a look at another unique Spinning Bourbon Glass. Take a look. It spins smoothly thanks to a hidden rounded base, swirling the whiskey within. Oh, and you’ll definitely need the Sphere Ice Molds. You don’t want to use regular old ice in this whiskey glass. You can also consider this version of the similar glass set for your Man Cave barware.

set of spinning whiskey glasses