Spinning Whiskey Glasses

Unlike the traditional Old Fashioned Glass, the product has a semi-round ball at the bottom to keep the glass spinning. The special design always gives the feeling of refreshing and is the perfect choose for whiskey, bourbon, scotch, cocktails, vodka, rum, white wine and red wine.

WHY BUY THIS? Because these are spinning whiskey glasses that you can use as a set to drink your fine bourbon, scotch, vodka, or rum. And the glasses have “a semi-round ball at the bottom to keep the glass rotating.” A rotating glass? What will they think of next. Maybe a glass that levitates. Kind of like the NFL Rotating and Levitating Hover Helmet. And don’t spin them too long. You may get dizzy looking at them. Oh, and you’ll definitely need the Sphere Ice Molds. You don’t want to use regular old ice in this set of spinning Whiskey glasses. You can also consider this version of the similar glass set for your Man Cave barware…

Rocks Glass Set with Coasters


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