Spectator Chair

With a subtle contemporary style, this pool table chair will enhance the décor of your Man Cave. Simple, clean lines are complemented by roomy faux black leather cushions. The wide chair arms include a drink holder and a cue rest. The drink holders are spill proof depth.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you’ll need one or maybe even a pair of this game room spectator billiards chair for your Man Cave. Even if you don’t have a Billiards Table. You can use these as additional seating for your friends. Simply put, this game room billiards chair will “enhance the décor of your” Man Cave. But the best thing about it, it has dual couple holders. So, you can go double-fisted while watching football the entire day. And the drink holders are at such a depth that it will prevent spills. Unless you knock over the chair.

You can also take a look at the Gaming Massage Recliner Chair. Otherwise, how about this King’s chair, which is fit for the King of the house, such as yourself. It’s slightly wider than the spectator billiards chair, but serves the same purpose.