Crystal Rocks Glass

The serious whisky lover knows that the details truly matter. Our wide bowl-shaped whiskey fit in the hand comfortably & allow your whisky to develop in the glass over time, the tapering mouth of the glass captures and focuses the aromas on the nose, enjoy a relaxing time with friends.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you will need a crystal rocks glass as part of your barware collection. And these are more than classy enough for your Man Cave. As described, there “Perfect for drinking any liquor like Scotch Whiskey, Bourbon, Old Fashioned Cocktail, Cognac, Vodka, Gin, Tequila.” So kick back in your leather recliner as you watch some football in your Man Cave while you sip out of this crystal rock glass filled with a little Colonel Taylor. Sounds good?

You can also take a look at the Spinning Whiskey Glasses. Or the double-walled Whiskey Glass. Take a look. It has an award-winning patented design. Otherwise, you can consider this set of 4 Whiskey Glasses as part of your Man Cave barware.

Whiskey Glass