SKLZ Mini Basketball Hoop

Over-the-door miniature basketball with customizable remote control LED lights, adjustable volume score sounds and shot timer.

Easy to assemble foam padded slide-on door mounts​ for protection.

Includes custom remote to light up hoop in a variety of 16 colors and lighting patterns​.

WHY BUY THIS? We recommend the showtime version. It has a 60 second shot clock so your kids can compete with each other as long as they can count for themselves how many foul shots they made. Sure, there will be no arguing about how many shots were made. C’mon, siblings don’t argue with each other. If they do, just have a boxing match between them to settle whatever their fighting about. But seriously, this is easy to set up, and should keep them entertained long enough for you to finish watching the game you were watching while they were playing on their All-Terrain Hoverboard. Otherwise, you can buy Pop-A-Shot, which we love, but it’s a bit more expensive and is a space-eater and your kids probably won’t be playing it every day. But then again, you and your buddies could be betting, we mean, competing against each other in Pop-A-Shot with the loser, maybe, having to take a big swig of beer. That’s never happened in a bar before.


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