Skee Ball

Rock-&-Roll Just Gained A Whole New Meaning!With the Barrington Coventry 10 ft. Roll and Score Game, you’ll be rock’in and rolling through your weekend… literally. In keeping with the traditional style and nostalgia that the American classic arcade game represents, Barrington created a replica with a few modern enhancements. With ten feet of premium, polished oak clearance, the sleek surface is optimized for ultra-smooth and precise rolling conditions. The lip at the end of the runway provides the perfect ; to target the 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 point slots, while the metal cage keeps over-eager balls from escaping and wrecking your floors or walls. Featuring an automatic and time-sensitive ball return as well as an electronic score-keeper, LED lights, and integrated sound effects, the Barrington Bowl-and-Bounce game table boasts modern-day benefits for a user-friendly hobby that the whole family can participate in. While utilizing high-technology, the aesthetics of this popular arcade set remain old-fashion – paying homage to a simpler, more innocent time in history. Primarily crafted from wood with an oak finish, a rustic metal cage, and supported with rust-resistant metal legs – this piece of equipment will provide an antique and rustic feel to any rec room, arcade, basement, lounge or bar.Product Details:(1) Roll and Score Table(4) Game BallsMaterials: MDF, PVC, Metal, ABS.

WHY BUY THIS? Because it’s a Skee Ball arcade game machine. It’s a requirement for every amusement park or game room across America. We’re sure you have vivid memories of playing it as a kid and spending $20 of your hard earned parent’s money to get enough tickets for a plastic spider that cost about thirty cents to make. But you had fun, right? Sure, you remember how excited you got when you rolled the 100 point ring in the Skee Ball arcade game machine. Heck, it probably earned you about 5 tickets. Yes, this takes up space but it will keep you and your buddies entertained well, for at least, a half hour.

But most importantly, your kids can play it too while you watch football in your Man Cave. You can also take a look at other Fun Stuff for your Man Cave. And here is a less expensive version of the same game.

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