Senator Blutarsky

There are two types of products-frameless: a simple canvas rolled up and delivered. Framed: the canvas is wrapped on a wooden frame. The effect picture is the product effect with frame support. 

New high-tech micro-jet printer, the printed pictures are exquisite and three-dimensional. 

Canvas art makes the home full of artistic atmosphere and shows a unique personal style. We have a variety of models suitable for teenagers’ rooms, children’s rooms, girls’ or boys’ rooms, covering all themes: abstraction, anime, classic movies, animal views, inspiring, retro, modern and contemporary.

WHY BUY THIS? Because some kind of Animal House decor belongs in your Man Cave. So how about a poster or photo of John Belushi who plays John “Bluto” Blutarsky, a future Senator, in the classic movie comedy Animal House. You know who he is? His grade point average of 0.0. And after getting expelled from Fabor College, the future Senator Blutarsky famously proclaimed, “Seven years of college down the drain.” We’re sure you’ve used that line before. Food fight anyone?

But back to the poster of Senator Blutarsky and Animal House. John Belushi was 28 years old when they filmed Animal House. And it was released in 1978. So, if you’re north of sixty, there is a good chance you saw it in the movie theater. And if you were a young teenager at the time of the release of Animal House, it’s quite possible you snuck in to the movie theater to see it. You remember how easy it was to do that. Just buy a ticket for a PG rated movie. And if you haven’t ever seen it, we recommend streaming it now. Or buy the Blu-Ray Version. It’s worth it.

Okay, bottom line. You need some type of Animal House décor for your Man Cave. How about an Animal House Movie Poster. Or this British Animal House Movie Poster.  You can also purchase the College Shirt. You know, the same one Senator Blutarsky is wearing. Or this classic Animal House Crew Neck T-Shirt. Or another John Belushi Animal House Photo.

You can also take a look at other Movie Items. Otherwise, you can consider this vintage poster of Otis Day, well, you remember that scene…

Otis Day photo


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