Secret Bookcase Door

Production time frame: 6 weeks. Door depth: 8 inches. Shelf depth: 7.125 inches. 1. DOOR WAY & MEASUREMENTS. Here you can find important information in determining if a Bookshelf Door is right for your particular space. All our Bookshelf Doors come with a prehanged Door Frame which needs to be installed and screwed into an existing door opening. You will need a door way with a HEADER and with JACK STUDS on both sides of your door opening, also known as the Rough Door Openig. All door openings require to have at least 4.5″ (Inches) around your door opening in order for the Bookshelf Door to be installed successfully. *As shown below. MEASUREMENTS. All measurements must be taken from the Door Jamb and not from the Door Stop. You need 3 simple measurements: 1. Door Height; 2. Door Width; 3. Door Casing/Molding Width. Another important measurement is the Door Jamb Width. Only Inswing Doors require Door Jambs no wider then 4.5″ (Inches). If your Door Jamb is wider then 4.5” please contact us for a custom Bookshelf Door. 2. INSWING – OUTSWING. Outswing is a “Pull Out” Bookshelf Door. Inswing is a “Push In” Bookshelf Door. 3. DOOR PASS-THROUGH SPACING. It is important to consider that the pass-through spacing of your door opening will be smaller once you have installed your hidden bookshelf door. The deeper your bookshelf door is, the smaller your pass-through spacing will be. To give you the max pass-through spacing and storage space on your bookshelf, we have designed and engineered our doors to be 8 inches deep for our standard doors and 10 inches deep for our soundproof doors.

WHY BUY THIS? Speakeasy? Prohibition? Honestly, this secret hidden Bookcase Murphy Door is a must for your Man Cave if your Man Cave consists of a separate room in your basement. Or if your Man Cave is your entire basement but there are separate rooms. At least one room should have a secret entrance so that you can hide for an entire day. Yeah, nobody will know the bookcase is an actual door. And this requires installation, probably not by you, unless your Dad is a television repairman and has an “ultimate set of tools.” Options include a locking system, such as a simple keypad or one with biometric fingerprint access controller.  Or, you could install a video intercom system.

You can also take a look at other Speakeasy Decor, including the Entrance to Speakeasy Sign. Or how about a Double Sliding Barn Door to hide your Man Cave. It’s primed so you can paint it any color. And if you want to turn your basement bar into a Saloon, how about the Swinging Cafe Doors. Otherwise, you can alway consider this Secret Bookcase Murphy Double Door to hide your Man Cave. Just looks at this. Tempting, huh?

double door bookcase