Royal Throne Chair

AFD Home’s exclusive royal King Chair measures 36″ wide, 29.5″ deep, and 70″ tall. Hand carved from mahogany with 2 stunning finish choices and upholstered with thick woven linen, it’s certain to make a statement in any room. 

Every AFD Home King Chair is carved by hand from solid authentic mahogany wood right down to the smallest details, including the twin lion heads on the arms and timeless coat of arms at the top of the backrest. 

On top of the real mahogany wood, each AFD Home comfy chair is finished with either striking gold leaf or bright yet understated platine, lending a touch of ostentatious regality to any room. Use it as a bedroom chair, living-room chair, dining-room chair, desk chair, and more!

WHY BUY THIS? Because you deserve a royal King throne chair such as this beauty in your Man Cave. This royal king throne chair is the perfect place to start or finish when you want to add a bit of fancy glamour yet functional personality to your basement bar area. This statement chair of hand-carved mahogany creates an interesting focal point. It also features rich colors that will add depth and texture to any room.

The King throne chair is made with expert craftsmanship, from the strong mahogany wood to the designer gold leaf. As well as the platine finish and the thick woven linen upholstery. Complete with flanking lion heads on the arms and a coat of arms on the back, it measures 36″ wide, 29.5″ deep, and 70″ tall. Best of all, it arrives fully assembled. So, you can instantly add a regal touch to your Man Cave. And you won’t have any extra parts.

You can also take a look at the Throne Chair or the Lord Raffles Leather Lion’s Chair for your basement bar area. Or how about the Gold Lion Throne Chair. It’s stand 9 feet tall. You will definitely be the King of your castle. Take a look. Otherwise, you can consider this golden royal chair for your Man Cave.

royal golden chair