Route 66 Cabinet

It is a miniature scene of a gas station on Route 66, it has motorcycle model and pump model, it is so special. Place it on desk as a creative decor and also can use it to store extra office supplies or as a keepsake box for photographs or letters.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this Route 66 cabinet will look good on your Man Cave home bar. You know, to store stuff like the remotes, bottle openers, keys, etc. And the cost is equivalent to filling up about ¾ of tank of gas in your SUV. So, bike to work for about a week and you ‘ll earn the right to buy this Route 66 cabinet that is designed to hold stuff. You could also store, you know, maybe your will and last testament.But his Route 66 cabinet is more for looks.

And speaking of gas, you can also take a look at the Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser. Or how about this Vintage Motorcycle Gasoline Pump Table Lamp. Or the Route 66 Gas Pump Floor Lamp. Or the awesome looking vintage Route 66 Table Top Clock. It will be the focal point of your basement bar. Take a look. Otherwise, you can consider this Neon Sign of the legendary interstate, which would also look nice in your Man Cave.

service station sign