Roaring Bear

From the Edge Sculpture collection and designed by Matt Buckley. It’s influenced by style rather than subject, with a combination of form, light and texture that gives a unique feel to each piece 

Hand-crafted from high-quality stone resin material (for indoor use only) 

Hand-painted exquisitely with intricate detail.

Dimensions: 15.94″ L x 16.34″ W x 14.96″ H

WHY BUY THIS? Because this roaring bear face sculpture art will instantly become a statement piece and talking-point in your Man Cave. Yes, you and your friends can have an in-depth discussion about this exquisite roaring bear face sculpture art. Or just enjoy it while you engage in some kind of Beer Game. Still, this art is originally sculpted in clay to ensure an organic finish. Then, it’s skillfully hand-painted, and the combination of form, light and texture gives a unique feel to it. You’re sure to find a place for it in your basement bar area. In fact, it can be situated somewhere atop your Home Bar.

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welcoming bear sculpture for man cave