Retro Telephone Wall Clock

Its case measures (H) 16″ x (W) 12″ x (D) 3.9″. The clock’s dial is 7″ in diameter. It serves not only as a beautiful decorative wall clock, but also as a unique safe. You can keep jewelry, extra cash, bank cards or other small valuables in this battery operated clock with safe. Behind this telephone designed clock is a secret compartment with 2 hooks where you can hide some items and hang keys.

WHY BUY THIS? A Man Cave is almost like a black hole where gravity is so strong that humans are unable to free themselves. In fact, time slows down in a black hole such that standing on edge of black hole would cause 700 years to pass in 1 minute. What’s our point?  Well, our point is that you need a clock in your Man Cave to confirm that you’re not in a black hole and you’re not wasting 700 years in 1 minute.  And why not have something unique, such as this old telephone wall clock. But if you really want to go old school, you can add a Rotary Phone to your Man Cave.


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