Replica British Telephone Booth

Cheerio!” Friends will think they’ve jumped across the pond each time they hear your telephone ring from within this replica of the traditional British phone booth.

Featuring glass windows and the traditional image of the coronation crown, our phone booth is a reminder of a trip overseas or a piece of home for those living abroad.

Crafted of quality mahogany, our replica phone booth is hand painted in a rich crimson red, fitted with 72 beveled glass windows and topped with the symbolic queen’s crown.

Our Replica British Telephone Booth measures 30″Wx30″Dx94″H and weighs 206 lbs. Phone not included.

WHY BUY THIS?  Because a full-sized Telephone Booth in your Man Cave would be classic, and certain to impress your friends. Yeah, it’s costly but maybe you can recoup your costs by charging a small to fee to enter it. And interestingly, anyone under thirty would have no idea what it is. It’s 90 inches in height so our sense is anyone under 7 feet tall should be able to stand in it (that would be 2.13 meters under the metric system). Unfortunately, the late Manute Bol (RIP), who stood at 7 feet and 7 inches, would not have fit in this Telephone Booth unless he folded his legs. Oh, and you can use it as a jail cell in case any of your friends spills a beer, or is just being annoying. That could happen. Finally, if you’re reluctant to spend an arm and a leg on a full-sized telephone booth, you can purchase the Telephone Booth Wall Cabinet for far less. Or if you want to go with the old-style telephone theme for your Man Cave, simply place this Old Fashioned Wooden Telephone on one of your walls…

Old-Fashioned Wall-Mounted Wooden Telephone


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