Laser Tag

The most innovative laser tag set yet: Lock ’n load for a fight for domination! Strap on your vest, grab a gun, check your ammo, and transform your backyard or basement into a battle zone for an ultra-hi-tech laser tag war. Run, hide, roll, take aim, and eliminate your enemies to win the game! Includes: 4 guns, 4 vests (front and back), and one charging station.

Rechargeable gear – You never have to stop the game action to change a few dozen batteries. The guns and vests are fully rechargeable! The set includes an innovative charging station to charge all the gear at once easily. You can play approx 8 games per charge.

WHY BUY THIS? Becuase what kid does not like playing Laser Tag? Or for that matter, what adult does not like playing? C’mon, we know you have been to those kid birthday parties where the adults were allowed to play too. And you were all pumped, thinking you are going to be top gun. Then, when you check the scoreboard afterwards, you see Krusty the Clown, as you call yourself, show up dead last. How could that be? Well, probably because you are the biggest target in the Laser arena. Here is your chance again to show that you are the King of Laser Tag with this rechargeable set. You know, prove again that you are worthy of the title “California State Laser Tag Champion.” As you tell your kids who are still gullible enough to believe anything you say.

But word of warning, Laser Tag requires a moderate of level of exercise. Yes, you actually have to move around. Especially if you play outside with your kids. Well, we guess technically you can hide somewhere the entire game. Like in your Man Cave while you watch a football game. You can take a look at ways to Entertain Your Kids While You Watch Football in Your Man Cave. Otherwise, here is another version of a rechargeable laser tag set for your kids to entertain themselves…

laser tag