Pulp Fiction Poster

This wall art from Haus and Hues easily takes center stage whether it’s hung as part of a gallery wall or as a stand-alone poster on a bare wall. Surrounded by layers of hot red and earthy colors is the iconic Mia as immortalized in this cover art. Her sleek black dress and equally iconic fringed bob pop out like in a painting – the perfect retro room decor.

WHY BUY THIS? Because how can you forget Uma Thurman as Mia in Pulp Fiction. And if you put this Pulp Fiction Movie Poster on one of your Man Cave walls, you won’t. It belongs there just like enjoying the occasional Royale with Cheese. And we know everyone remembers the iconic scene with Mia and Vega dancing at the retro diner Jack Rabbit Slim’s. But did you know Uma Thurman had a fear of dancing and initially dreaded doing the scene. Of course, you can put a Pulp Fiction movie poster of Mia and Vega Dancing on one of your Man Cave walls as well. By the way, did you know that one of Uma Thurman’s first films was Johnny Be Good with Robert Downy Jr. and Anthony Michael Hall, who you remember as the geek in Sixteen Candles. There you go. You can also take a look at other TV & Movie Décor for your Man Cave. And consider the Big Lebowski Poster. Otherwise, you can consider this wall canvas of Jules eating a Royale with Cheese.

Jules eating a Royale with cheese