Pub Bistro Table

Pub height bar table 42 inches high and 22 inches across.

Customize your top with your favorite sports team, family monogram, or distillery. You can even send us an image of your companies logo and we will do our best to match it.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this round pub bistro table is a perfect little pub table should you be looking to add more seating to your Man Cave. The top is a Bourbon barrel head. And it’s customizable so you can put any type of logo on the top, including a monogram of yourself or your pet. Okay, maybe not. Maybe the logo of your favorite sports team would work best. This round bistro pub table is  42 inches high and 22 inches across. Most likely suitable for just two bar stools. So you’ll also need a Home Bar for your Man Cave. 

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French wine barrel side table