Premium Bar Mat

Made with heavy-duty anti-skid non-toxic and premium heat resistant rubber. Its thick Elliptical prongs with 1cm thickness provides stability to the drinks, cushions the glassware without any smell.

18″x 12″ 1cm mat designed to contain spills within the mat. Its extra deep design can hold 16 Oz of liquid. Mix like a professional bartender without any worry. A perfect rubber drying mat for your home and bar.

WHY BUY THIS? Because if you have a home bar in your Man Cave, and you’re going to be displaying your amateur mixologist skills, then you’ll need a bar mat. You know, for cutting up limes and lemons, and ensuring that no spillage goes directly on your home bar. This is a perfect size, and its heavy duty and anti-skid because you don’t want it sliding all over your home bar while you’re trying to concoct a new drink recipe that’s going to go viral.


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