Polar Bear Ice Cubes

Polar Bear Shaped Ice Cube Tray with Removable Lid / Dishwasher Safe / BPA-Free / Pastel Color Kitchen Utensils for Cocktail, Whiskey, and Beverages.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you’re going to need to keep your whiskey or bourbon cold. You know, while you watch football in your Man Cave. You can use regular old rectangular or whatever shaped cube your cube maker creates. But why not impress friends with some Polar Bear ice cubes with this tray. Yeah, they’ll be impressed, or they may not care. But Polar Bear ice cubes made in this tray are still better than no ice cubes. You can also take a look at the Sphere Ice Molds for your drinking pleasure. And speaking of bears and ice, you can consider this Bear ice ball maker that will keep your whiskey or bourbon nice and cold all night long…

bear ice ball mold