Plink-A-Drink Bottle Opener

Pop the top off a cold one and let the caps fall where they may. With 4 different drinking rules at the bottom of this bottle opener party game, Plink-A-Drink is guaranteed to break the ice.

Plink-A-Drink is great for parties, whether you need an icebreaker or are playing with old friends. Fill some shot glasses with whiskey, tequila, rum, vodka, or gin, or reach for your favorite beer if you want to keep things low key.

This wall-mounted bottle opener includes 4 different landing spots to catch your caps with different drinking instructions in each. It’s the bottle opener that makes every new beer a game.

WHY BUY THIS?  Because with this wall mounted bottle opener, you can turn opening a beer bottle into a drinking game with your friends. Just mount the Plink-A-Drink Bottle Opener on one of your Man Cave walls. And if you mount it close enough to wherever your seated, you may never have to get up. Hey, it’s pretty straightforward. There is four drinking rules, including everyone drinks, which is a bonus in our opinion. And we like the suggestion that you can fill the shot glasses with “your favorite beer if you want to keep things low key.” You can also take a look at the Beer Bottle Opener Cap Game, which is similar in nature to the Plink-A-Drink Bottle Opener. Or, you can even consider this version that’s even more simplistic. You either give a shot or take a shot.

Beer Bottle Cap Shadow Box Game


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